HJRP1203 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 12 Episode 03

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This episode of Happy Jacks is brought to you by Prowlers and Paragons by LakeSide Games.

Your Hosts! Stu, Stork, Gina, Kimi.

Show Notes! Our sponsor: Prowlers and Paragons by LakeSide Games.

Mike from PA writes in about character advancement systems, the lack of said in Traveller and asks our opinions on the matter. Hour 11 writes in with methods for dealing with boundries and triggers in RPGs and the RPG Annalise

Aaron writes in to discuss how he organizes his NPC information. Tim the Loremaster writes in to sing the praises of Evernote for NPC organization. Luke from London writes in about his gaming experiences in other countries and gives us a gaming horror story.

And finally, Michael writes in with a gaming awesome story.


Thanks again to LakeSide Games for sponsoring this episode.

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