HJRP1115 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 11 Episode 15

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HJRP1115 – Managing NPCs


Your Hosts: Stu, Stork, Hosier Rob

Show Notes! Listener Matthew kindly asks listeners to take his survey for his PhD work at memetechnology.org. We remind our kind listeners to join us live on Friday at 8:30pm Pacific, 10:30pm Central, 11:30pm Eastern, 0430 GMT.  You can hear the show at happyjacks.org/live.

We begin the show discussing managing NPC information. The chat room suggests a few software solutions for NPC management: Liquid Story Binder and RealmworksNote: none of the hosts have reviewed either of these.

DJ urgently emails asking for advice about his L5R/Topaz championship game. James from New Zealand (who donated a mic mute — ie a Cough Drop — thank you very much) writes in to lets us know that our show inspired him into GMing. Hope you had a nice Waitangi Day. Next year, we’ll try to remember to sing to you and your countrymen.

Captain Kiwi writes in about providing the “Willy Wonka Dilemna” where the players are presented in a well-defined decision point. He also suggest that players do not hide their plans from the GM (so he or she can properly prepare).

Ozarkbibliophile asks for advice for getting his players to try something besides 2nd DnD. Coincidentally, Stevan from Serbia writes in as to how he sold his players on a new system.

And finally Robey from Precinct Omega writes in with a gaming story that could have been a nightmare, but ended up being a story of a great, satisfying RPG session. He also admonishes us for stereotyping wargamers as bad or terrible role-players (he also takes us to task about our W40K hygene stories).

Thank you to our emailers, those who joined the show in the chat room and you for listening.

See you next week.