HJRP1113 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 11 Episode 13

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HJRP1113 – with special guests from Fear the Boot

happy_jacks_all_ages300x300-150x150Your host: Stu, Stork and Jib, plus Dan and Julia from Fear the Boot.

Show Notes! Orccon 2014 is St. Valentine’s Day weekend. Got to Strategicon.net for more info.

Jackercon III, the on-line con phenom, runs March 15th through 21st. Go to happyjacks.org/forum for info.

And Fear the Con runs June 13th and 14th. More info is at fearthecon.com.

Alex from Los Angeles writes in with a question about a pair of players who always play broken or very ineffectual characters, as asks for help. The discussion turns to Fear the Boot’s group template, which Dan demonstrates.

James from 1d4 Cast writes in to plug 1d4 Con, which runs April 25th, in Winchester Virginia. He also asks for some tips about co-GMing.

Sir Guido writes in with a question about his Gummi Bears game at the last Jackercon. Yehuda from Israel asks about a time travel game. Goodmush reminds us that we still have a listener in Idaho, and asks about branching out into other genres.

Timothy writes in for tips about creating a good actual play podcast, and Jonas sends us a gaming confession.