HJRP1106 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 11 Episode 06

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happy_jacks_all_ages300x300-150x150Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Jib and Gina.

Show Notes! Message from Jim Sandoval from Strategicon.net about the RPG arrangements at Orccon 2014. Ashley writes in asking how she (as GM) can prevent a player from railroading her. Bill in the AZ ask about an incident at a game convention and a bandolier of Axe Body Spray (no, it isn’t because of us).

Jungle Dick writes in with some tip to handle/deal with power gamers. Aviv in Israel suggests several books from Engine Publishing from which to gain story ideas, including Eureka:501 Adventure Plots.

Inflatus asks about re-starting a game that faded away. Captain Moses writes in about new players and older players not playing well together. Savage Daddy writes in with a (seriously) disturbing game horror story. And another nightmare and cautionary tale from Jeb from Postcards from the Dungeon.