HJRP0910 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 09 Episode 10

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Season 09 Episode 10


Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Tyler

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this charity is why daddy drinks

Show notes: Tom the Pedantic writes about GM dice fudging and states that he rolls dice to “increase tension.” We discuss his email, including the possibility of fudging dice rolls against the players. John asks us about guidelines for attribute scores in GURPS. Two listeners mentioned the critical failed secret perception roll in Stu’s Google+ GURPS Fantasy game.  Nettles writes in to remind us that the players are their for their story, not just ours, and states that sidelines away from the main plot are okay as long as they grow the characters. Cantorian believe exploring such a failure was worthwhile and could lead to interesting story.

Ed wrote us to tell us about his woes with a young-and-in-love couple who play in his game. Duane dresses us down a bit about  misusing Asperger’s Syndrome to talk about maladapted troglodyte basement dwelling gamers. And Jason writes in to tell us about his GUPRS houserule that decouples perception from intelligence.