HJRP0909 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 09 Episode 09

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Season 09 Episode 09


Your host: Stu, Stork, Jib, Gina



First we discuss coming up with game ideas that harness an online game (like a G+ Hangout) experience to INCREASE immersion. Aszuretalon emails us with a health update (yeah!), asks us about reveling in befuddling the GM and ideas about a Transformers game. Eric from Bakersfield asks us about balancing roleplaying and when roleplaying gets in the way of story advancement. We argue.

Yehuda from Israel asked us about GM controlled NPCs that are part of the party, which he terms Healerbots. Daniel in Serbia asks us about books and movies from the old days. Emergent Mayor plugs his youtube channel (listed above). Rickno7 tears open the GM dice fudging wound. Rickno7 gives us a very extensive topic about when the GM should compromise his “GM ethics.” We touch on it, but it will likely be a future topic. Earl from Amorphous Blob chimes in on PC introductions.