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Season 09 Episode 04


Your hosts: Stu, Stork, JiB, Gina

“B” asks us about players always playing the same sort of character. We discuss if pigeon-holing yourself as a player is good, band or just doesn’t matter. Tom emails us to discuss quantifying PC intelligence and playing a character who is smarter than the player. He suggest that FATE’s declarations may very well be the best mechanic to emulate that smarter-than-anyone sort of PC, like Sherlock Holmes. We agree. Thomas Who Doubts also chimes in on PC intelligence and other possible ways to help players play a more intelligent PC.

Andrew sends us some love from Newfoundland. Jaiden, who is starting a Traveller campaign asks us about accents. Stork reiterates his excellent animal personality method. Jaiden also provides a link which provides a lot of examples of accents.  Ed chimes in about a previous email in Season 09 Episode 02, where the GM stated a PC’s death happened “off screen.” He gives  a few possible alternate ways to resolve such a situation. And finally, SirGuido sends us a gaming nightmare, wherein he describes a game where the party is given over-powered magic items by the GM, who then regrets giving the items and tries to take them away.

Also during this episode, we mention that many of us will be at Orccon 2013, February 15th to 18th. We also mention that our second session of Stu’s Legend of the Five Rings game happened and the actual play has been posted, and we discuss how the actual play has done well on iTunes.