HJRP0902 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 09 Episode 02

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Season 09 Episode 02


Your hosts: Stu and Stork.

Premature PC Death.

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Jonas provides a tip for when a player’s character dies early in a session (having him co-gm). He then goes on to describe how one of his characters stays behind in a heroic act of self-sacrifice, and how the GM informs him “your character died.” We have a fit about this. Jeb from Postcards from the Dungeon asks us about having an ending in mind when organizing a campaign. Yehuda writes to ask us about steampunk settings for Savage Worlds.

D20 Pints describes ways in Pathfinder to make the HP grind more interesting (without causing TPKs) by incorporation stuff from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.