HJRP0901 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 09 Episode 01

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Season 09 Episode 01
Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Jib

Tom from Minneapolis emails us about good metagaming, which we discuss. Bullgod discusses accents (how limited travel and a lack of mass electronic communication insulated groups and regions, creating numerous accents) and compliments Stu on his spot-on Retired British Army Officer(tm) accent. Chad writes about his DnD4E game and how to go about bringing a vampire character into the mix. Drayle88 talks about the RPG he’s writing and that it’s in beta.

Tom suggests (in answer to a previous request for a game with DnD flavor without the compexity) DnD Next (ie, 5.0).  He finds it to be an improvement on 4E and says combats take much less time.