HJRP0806A Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 08 Episode 06a 2012 2 Sides:1Epic Contest Awards

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Season 08 Episode 06a — 2 Sides: 1 Epic Contest Awards Show

Special bonus episode announcing the winners of our 2 Sides: 1 Epic contest.

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for our first annual 2 Side: 1 Epic contest. We received 48 entries in all (including 3 late ones). We had six judges, and each entry was read and scored by at least four judges. The top three scores received first, second and third places. The next eight high scorers were awarded specific awards based on the content of their adventures.

All winners have been contacted and we’re awaiting addresses to ship prizes and awards certificates (for those outside the continental US, we’ll play the prizes by ear).

Also, thank you to the hosts who devoted a Saturday afternoon and evening to the judging: Kimi, Stork, CADave, Tyler and JiB.

The winners:

  • Sebastien Allard for “Lightning Ride”
  • Mike “SirGuido” Richards for “Three Kami Saki”
  • Muntjack for “Blood Is Thinner Than Water”
  • Juliet Youngren for “Something Up Their Slliv”
  • Larry Bierworth and Patrick Riegert for “Words Remain Below”
  • Eric Wendlandt for “Torn Souls”
  • Jimbo Hawkins for “God Save the Queen”
  • Eric Emrys Carl for “Doctor Jack, Vampire Hunter”
And our top three:
  • Third Place: Christopher Stone-Bush for “Lend a Hand”
  • Second Place: Lindsay C. Jackson for “The Santa Clause”
  • First Place: R.R. Seidel and D.J. Semsick for “The Verb of the Adjective Noun”

Congratulations to all the winners.