Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 04 Episode 01

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Season 04 Episode 01

Your hosts: Stu and Stork.

Listener email and social interaction games for the hack-n-slasher.

Featured song: Come Sirrah Jack Ho, by the Poxy Boggards.

The RPG Dread.


The Happy Jacks RPG Podast Listener Anthem

We’re listeners of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast
We get all our game news from Douchebags galore
With reckless abandon, we pursue this our hobby
From Michigan to Australia and maybe East Timor

Be it Rifts or Exalted
GURPS or Dungeons and Dragons
Hero, Pathfinder, FATE or Savage Worlds
Evil plots we’ll be usurping
Though we could do with less burping

Happy Jacks Podcast we’ll be douchebags all!