Kimi started her gaming career with video games, mostly MMORPGs. She started tabletop gaming after she grew weary of farming gold and dealing with guild drama. Now she puts her guild organizing skills to work herding the Happy Jacks hosts and keeping the AP tables full. In 2016 she persuaded Stu to try streaming content on Twitch and Youtube, a decision she regrets to varying levels depending on the strength of the internet connection on a particular night. She regularly GMs “sandbox” type games, usually in the Wild Talents or PBTA systems.

In addition to tabletop RPGs, Kimi has many geeky hobbies. She is a veteran cosplayer who makes most of her own costumes, and is especially known for dressing up as her hero Wonder Woman. Kimi has used her geek knowledge and costuming skills to contribute to multiple fan-film projects, including the Rainfall Wonder Woman trailer (2013) and Metroid: the Sky Calls (2015), and in 2015 her original Bombshell Big Barda design was used by DC Comics as the canon design for the character. In 2017, her blog post about the Amazons’ bikini-armor costumes in Justice League went viral, infuriating fanboys all over the internet and earning her mentions in Glamour, The Hollywood Reporter, People, and many other media outlets. She was relieved to fade back into internet anonymity soon after.

You can read about Kimi’s antics on most social networks as @GoldenLassoGirl or on her much neglected blog,

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