Joey’s tabletop origin story began in the manner most of these stories often begin, playing Dungeons and Dragons (either 2.5 or 3.0…it was on the cusp and like most details from high school it has been blocked out for his own sanity). His first character was a Level 1 Wizard/Cleric/Rogue (because we totally understood how multi-classing worked ) and he nearly caused a TPK in the first session by casting “Burning Hands” in a thatch-roofed cottage. From there he progressed through D&D editions 3.0-5.0, eventually learning how multi-classing worked, realized that a Wizard/Cleric/Rogue is essentially a Bard, and has never looked back. He’d much rather play a character armed with a silver tongue than a silver hammer. He even went as far as to join The Poxy Boggards so he could call himself a Professional Bard. D&D will always be his “home” system, but the more he gets exposed to more “alternative” systems (specifically PbtA) the more he feels he may favor 2d6 over a d20.

Aside from tabletop gaming, Joey works as a musical theatre actor in sunny Southern California.

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