Gina began roleplaying in the teens of the 21st century with D&D 4e as her entry-level RPG of choice. As with all memorable firsts, there remain mixed feelings about discovery and awkwardness and exes, but a passion for RPGs was born. With a lot of catching up to do, Gina began devouring as many games as she could – playing all the games, all the time. Her RPG brain was etched early in its formative stage by playing Burning Wheel one late Sunday at her first con, and a zeal for hippie and indie games was ignited. She still loves D&D and Pathfinder but has lots and lots of love for Apocalypse World and its many sister-games, as well as the Mutant Year Zero family of RPGs (and so many others).

Outside of gaming, Gina spent most of her formative working life as a General and District Manager at the now defunct Borders bookstore chain and is now a manager of a retail establishment in Los Angeles. She still loves ‘books, music, movies, and coffee’ most of all. And beer.

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