From a very young age, Candace gravitated toward board games, RPG video games, and the fantasy genre as a whole. She has always been a lover of books, TV, movies, and games that could bring magic and mystery into this mundane world. When she finally found people to play DND with in 2015, her life changed forever. She was hooked and her love for tabletop RPGs has only grown since. Candace is now the DM for  a DnD 5e campaign that has been running since early 2018.

In the real world, Candace works as a freelance live theatre technician helping to bring magic to the stage.

Clara played her first D&D game at her best friend’s 9th birthday party in which she DM’d a sleepover of 12 other kids through a poorly drawn dungeon with only the knowledge that D&D required a dungeon, graph paper, and a die. She was later introduced to the game for real in middle school but dropped it again until she dove headfirst back into the geek community to impress a boy she liked. (It didn’t work out.) Since then she’s been relentlessly playing as many TTRPGs as her overbooked schedule will allow while being chronically productive. You can find her all over the internet as @clearly_golden or in real life singing with the Merry Wives of Windsor.

Sometimes she is a mermaid.

Eli started gaming in Jr. High with Palladium, D&D, and Magic: The Gathering. He was hired at Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) as a lead monkey out of high school and started by producing Clan Wars minis. While at AEG, Eli garnered accolades such as writing/editing credits on various Legends of the Five Rings books and being able to block explosive molten pewter with his hand. Fast forward 20 years, and Eli is playing L5R, but doesn’t have to deal with the molten pewter.

J. Holtham is relatively new to gaming. He played a few rounds of Marvel Superheroes in 7th Grade. But he’s happy to be a part of the Happy Jacks crew! Outside of gaming, he collects comics, watches too much TV and sometimes writes it. He is a proud product of public education. You can find him chattering into the void on Twitter: @jholtham.

Teri Gamble is an international performing artist, producer, writer and drama coach. She has her BA in Theater Arts from UCLA, an MFA from Harvard and her MBA from University of Phoenix. Teri has worked as a teacher and a consultant for many different industries, but theatre is her first love! Teri has been playing TTRPG’s for the last five years and you can hear her not only at Happy Jack’s, but also for one offs at Saving Throw Show and regularly at Twelve-Sided Stories – real play RPG Podcast.

Teri is also a Karaoke Jockey and produces the Horror Movie Survival Guide Podcast!

You can find her on the internet at the following spots!

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First born son of the womb of Nut, begotten of Geb, the lord of Akert, whose existence is forever lasting! But he got over that. Jim started gaming in the early 80’s with first edition D&D and moved on to Shadowrun and the White Wolf titles during the 90’s. His love of gaming grew to indie RPG’s, miniatures, boardgames and collectibles.

Jim worked for AEG with their Clan War product and became a staff miniatures painter there during the early 2000’s. There, Jim worked with the likes of John Wick, Jim Pinto, Ree Soesbee and Eric Yaple. During this time, Jim started to volunteer with the Strategicon conventions in what was then known as the “Special Projects Team” which focused on bringing events whose scale or design could only be played at a convention venue. Since, Jim has been made department head for RPG’s and later a member of the board of directors. During his time with the convention staff Jim spearheaded the introduction of Party Games, Games on Demand and the involvement of the Sabre Legion lightsaber dueling organization.

Jim has a blog and can be found on Twitter @Plus10ToAwesome, Google+ and Facebook