Game: GeneX
System: Cortex:Prime
Players: Kimi, Aabria, Mike, & Jim Sandoval
Summary: Session #00 is character creation!

Across the world tensions increase between X’s, those with special abilities, and normals. The normal people are afraid of what X’s can do, and that they will be written out of the history of the human race. In the UK, retribution and reprisals are on the rise, and incidents of violence occur with growing frequency.

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Your Hosts: Stu, ProbieTim, Stork and Kimi

In this Episode:

GMing Tips: Improving Improv for GMs.  Garrett asks about Making fulfilling filler.  William from Minnesota writes in about player indecision.  Dan sends a tale of Legend and Celebration. And ZombieHeart from So Cal writes in about Too Much player investment??