SHOW: One-Shot Saturday |

SYSTEM:  Star Wars (West End)|
GM:  Jameson|

Info: ONE-SHOTS! Driven by the whims of the Happy Jacks crew, these games are (usually) self contained into one session. They often have guest players or GMs, and are ALWAYS a lot of fun!




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Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, Tappy

In this Episode: We discuss a GMing tips article Stu wrote in 1998. Len from Miami chimes in on SciFi vs Fantasy. Eric from NJ writes in about gaming in existing IPs.



emailus-full-sizeYour Hosts: Stu, Eric, Stork, Kimi

Show Notes! Dylon from Indiana writes in about his over-prepping. Kurt share a tip for naming NPCs. Dreamweaver writes in with a question about Stu’s Star Wars game and a confession. Jake from the Midwest writes in to share his RPG philosophy and tells us about his party of new players. And Drayle88 sends us another installment of his ongoing gaming nightmare.