Happy Jacks RPG shows attract an audience of active and engaged table-top role-playing game enthusiasts. If you would like to reach this audience, we invite you to consider advertising on Happy Jacks audio podcast and video streams.

Unlike terrestrial radio or print or web-based advertising, podcast and streaming advertising provides a lasting presence within the audio or video files for months or years. Many members of our audience, when first discovering the show, will go back and listen or watch the entire backlog, meaning your advertisement is working for you long after it originally “airs.”

Our 4Q 2013 Numbers as of January 9, 2014:

Episode No. Total D/Ls Uniques
HRJP1017 3468 2195
HRJP1018 3662 2306
HJRP1101 3136 1978
HJRP1102 3038 1932
HJRP1103 2719 1803
HJRP1104 2956 1947
HJRP1105 2727 1817
HJRP1106 2856 1858
HJRP1107 2779 1801
HJRP1108 2536 1722

Email the show if you would like to inquire about our rates.