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SHOW: ShadowCon
SYSTEM: Scum and Villainy

GM: Colin

SUMMARY: You’ve come here because you’d heard of it, and you’ve been on this trip, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a  convention that does not exist. Who knows when it all came to light? Maybe from pieces of a conversation you weren’t even supposed to hear, or a tip from a friend of a friend. But, yeah, this place exists and it’s got tabletop RPGs! All kinds! With d6s and d20s, sure, but there’s percentiles and maybe even d3s or fudge dice. The games are old favorites, new playtests, betas, ashcans and more. There are usually a few sessions to help with working it all out and make sure a story is told.

And now, friend, you are at the door and you cracked the password! Tell the bartender to pull from the top shelf, because you’re in! You’ve found ShadowCon!



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