RPGRT003 The RPG Roundtable Podcast Episode 003

RPGRT003 – Noteworthy NPCs


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In this episode we discuss what makes NPCs in table top RPGs notable and memorable.

Your hosts:

Liz and Mike from the Nearly Enough Dice Podcast.

Branden from the Saving the Game Podcast.

Stu from Happy Jacks RPG Podcast.

The RPG Roundtable is a monthly podcast featuring RPG podcasters from around the world discussing various topics about the table-top RPG hobby, to help hone GM and player skill and improve the gaming experience.

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One Response to RPGRT003 The RPG Roundtable Podcast Episode 003

  1. Marcus says:

    In response to Branden’s story about the twist where the GM took the party’s request for a standard dungeon crawl adventure session, and turned it into a moral questioning segment using goblins., I must say that I find it obnoxious to hear you prattling on about your own cleverness at taking a simple request at something easy to digest and turning it into a self-congratulatory pat on the back. It shows little of your ability to challenge your players, and more a desire to punish them for requiring a respite from your role-play heavy sessions. Were I a player in your game, that likely would have been a cue for a hiatus from attending your games.
    There’s nothing wrong at all with having expectations from, and challenging your players. But in this instance it comes across less an effort to do so, and more of a middle finger to a simple request.

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