Your hosts: Stu and Stork, and Dan and Wayne from Fear the Boot.

The article Dan mentioned about Social Geek Fallacies.

Listener Jonas’ novel.

Fear the Boot’s speculative fiction anthology, Sojourn.


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HJRP1119 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 11 Episode 19

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  • Great Ape

    One thing that nobody has mentioned about One Note on your show is the fact that each page is completely freeform. It does not force you to write things in a linear fashion like a word processing program does nor does it force you to write things in a grid like a spread sheet or table. Instead you can click anywhere and start writing and whatever you write is in it’s own mini document. So it is really easy to jot a quick note down when ever you think about it and organize it later when you have time. Something all other programs that I have tried lack.

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