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  • Hey guys,

    Great playthrough! In response to your statements at the end, about nobody knowing the rules; well,… I do.
    You followed the first and most important rule very nicely, which is: Have Fun!
    As far as the “flat” die roll for combat, I’m afraid that was a misinterpretation. The die is supposed to START at d10, and then get bumped or slid up or down depending on circumstances (This rule is much clearer in the new edition, believe me).
    Having all the directors in one spot was inspired: I actually ran a game a few months ago, where the patrons were hired to find J.J. Abrams, who had gone missing. The mad scientist character built an “Abrams Detector” in order to help locate him, but botched the roll, so they ended up kidnapping Steven Speilberg instead.

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