INUKAI11 – Happy Jacks RPG Actual Play Game 02 Session 11 — L5R Saga of the Inukai

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INUKAI11 — L5R Saga of the Inukai


System: L5R

Game: Saga of the Inukai

GM: Stu Venable

Players: Stork, Tyler, Kimi, CADave

This is the eleventh session of our game, Saga of the Inukai.  NOTICE: Our actual play episodes are UNEDITED. This session will contain interruptions, tangents, breaks for food, etc.


  • Howdy, guys, great show. I had one question/concern about the very end that maybe you could deal with in the next session.

    If Renjiro was forcibly removed from his seat of power by Junichiro, then he is no longer a Daimyo, and, by extension, all of the players are now Ronin.

    There was considerable discussion on if they should try to report to Junichiro, or try to continue Junichiro’s task so he won’t be so angry that they disobeyed him. I think the players would have enough knowledge of the precedents in situations like this to know what the score is. I’m hoping that Stu will take a minute before they make any decisions to clear up the confusion, because Daimyo/Samurai society was very organized and orderly, so they would know exactly what the situation is.

    Thanks! Can’t wait for the next episode!

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