Season 03 Episode 11

Your hosts: Stu, CADave, Gammonstark, Stork, Tyler and Kimi.

Listener email, and keeping the challenge in your games.

Featured song: “That Bastard John Barleycorn” by the Merry Wives of Windsor.

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Season 03 Episode 09

Your hosts: Stu, Gammonstark, CADave, Tyler, Bruce, Sarah

We read email, announce the “gaming nightmare” contest and discuss creepiness.

Dustin points us to an alternate dice theory, and provides us with a beer nutrition information site.

Dave discusses his game’s megaplots, based on this article from Critical-Hits.

The EPIC Sourtoe Cocktail story. I found a reference on the internet, so it must be true.

Season 03 Episode 08. Your hosts: Stu, Bruce, Tappy and Casey.

Playing outside of your class.

Happy Jack’s Game Day at Gateway 2010. Labor Day Weekend. Sep 3 – Sep 6, 2010

Radisson LAX

$35 for a 4-day pass (with our pre-registration group discount). At the door, a 4-day pass is FIFTY BUCKS. For more info, got to

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