Episode 96

Our Feed Has Changed

As some of you may be aware, our feed changed. We had to. We should have done it two years ago, but lacked the foresight. So we’ve bitten the bullet and done it now. As a result, listenership (according to our download numbers) has taken a...

Jackercon 2013? Episode 94

Jackercon 2013?

Jackercon. The name bring up uncomfortable images of a hotel banquet room full of men doing unmentionable things to themselves while trying to avoid eye contact with each other. But that’s not what it is. Conceived, encouraged and planned by...

** UPDATING FEEDS ** Episode 93


It’s the dumbest thing a podcaster can do, but I really have no choice. Because of how I originally set up the show, I’m precluded from using certain features on my blog. So, I’ve changed the feeds and am in the process of updating...

Happy Jacks RPG


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